Leather Repairs

We offer Nationwide leather repairs and restoration service by local service technicians, our team are fully trained to the highest possible standard offering our customers the very best in customer service.  Our service technicians can undertake repairs to a large array of services, below is a small list of repairs that we can undertake on your behalf to help you love your leather.  All our repairs are undertaken in the comfort of your own home, there is no need for your furniture to go away for days or weeks all our repairs will be undertaken in your home.

Case Study

Leather Repairs
Leather Repairs

Here we have a customer which has some wear and tear on the centre seat cushion of their 3str sofa, customer did not want to go to the expense of us undertaking the cleaning of the whole sofa, so the customer purchased a Leather Cleaning Kit which will enable her to undertake the full clean.

Leather Repairs
Leather Repairs

We started by cleaning the seat using a Leather Cleaner and a Tampico brush, this allows us to reach deep into the grain lifting up the dirt and debris, we repeat this process until all the dirt and grime had been removed.

Once this has been undertaken we prep the area using a solvent cleaner which removes the top finish and allows us to work with the leather.

We now start to add leather filler to the damaged and worn areas, drying off each layer applied building up the area until the area is level, we then apply 400 Grit paper to the whole seat base keying in the cover ready for the leather dye to be applied.

Now the area is keyed and ready for some leather dye, we apply the first coat by hand using a cloth being sure that the dye gets in all the grain and covers the whole panel, once the area is dry we build up the coats using an airbrush which leaves for a nice even coat.

The area is now sealed using a very hard-wearing leather sealant which enables the dye to fully cure with a hard-wearing barrier protecting the leather.

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We have a gallery page where you can view some of our work, please browse through so you can see what we can achieve for you and your leather.

Looking for a Diy Kit?

We have teamed up with Professional Leather Ltd to offer you the very best of Leather Cleaning and Leather Restoration products in the Uk, all their cleaners and repair products are made here


in the UK and are in stock for immediate next-day delivery.  Diy repairs do not have to be costly Professional Leather has made their DIY kits affordable for the DIY user, these are the same products we use daily in the trade.

Use our discount code: pro5 to receive a discount on any of their products.

They have clear instructions on how to use each and every product is used and how to achieve the best results on your leather restoration, if a DIY kit is not for you give us a call and we can arrange for a service technician to undertake the repairs on your behalf.